Our Story

By parents, for parents

Daniel and Maryann Fong founded Million Dollar Baby in 1990, just as their two children, Tracy and Teddy, were transitioning from cribs into toddler beds. While in the midst of raising his young children, Daniel read that it cost one million dollars to raise a child. He recognized the need for reliable baby products that came at a great value.

Thus, Million Dollar Baby was born—a company dedicated to enabling parents to provide the best for their children, without compromising on quality, safety or design.

Like your family, we treasure our heritage

With Tracy and Teddy now all grown up and running the business, Million Dollar Baby Classic is the next generation of our namesake brand. We're bringing the brand back to its roots in a celebration of heritage.

Classically designed products pay homage to the traditions we were raised with, and exemplify the values on which we were founded and have grown. Our values include integrity in how we treat our customers, vendors and community, and consistency of quality. We can't wait to share a piece of our family history with you!

  • 1990

    Daniel and Maryann found Million Dollar Baby with 1 crib, 2 employees, and our unwavering commitment to parents to do the best by them. Million Dollar Baby's first crib is the original Jenny Lind crib.

  • 1992

    Incorporating the classic Jenny Lind spindles, our first logo is born!

  • 1995

    We introduce the smiley baby to Million Dollar Baby's logo.

  • 2004

    One million cribs sold.

  • 2004

    After graduating from Harvard, Tracy joins the business.

  • 2006

    After graduating from Harvard, Teddy joins the company.

  • 2010

    Our baby keeps up with the times! Our logo is given a little more love and refinement.

  • 2013

    We are getting back to our roots, delivering what we stand for, and in a time of constant cost cuts and changes, we are reaffirming our commitment to be uncompromising in our values.

Caring beyond the nursery

We believe the success of Million Dollar Baby is set in the root of our values. We believe our purpose is to do the best for God, and in doing so, do the best for mankind. The MDB Family is proud to be a Christian company.

We work to uplift our community

Charitable giving is one of our company's priorities, and as we grow we only strive to give more. In 2012 alone, The MDB Family gave over $193,000 in cash and products to charities that are devoted to helping families. In addition, our employees can take time during work to volunteer.

More information about the causes we support on TheMDBFamily.com

We are preserving the earth for our children

To minimize waste, we recycle wood and paint waste in our factories, and package with recycled cardboard. When it comes to materials, we source responsibly and our cribs are made from New Zealand pine wood from sustainable forests. This is one of the most sustainable and renewable wood resources available.

Our stability shows in our products

Over the years, our commitment to quality has consistently set the bar in the industry.

Stable factory relationships

Since the beginning, we have worked with the same two factories who exclusively make products for our company. Our products are not subject to hidden cost cuts from shopping around factories.

Individual inspection

We've been establishing and refining processes to ensure product safety and quality for over two decades. Our quality control team individually checks and hand packs each piece before they leave factory doors. Once the pieces arrive in the US, they are inspected again by a different team who fully assemble the goods by hand for re-inspection. Double check!

Great value

We are relentless in providing great value to our consumers without compromising on quality. We've scoured the world to partner with the best vendors and shipping carriers. We translate our efficiencies to the best possible prices for moms and dads everywhere—just as Daniel intended.